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The content of this document or make available to third party users concerning the terms and conditions of use of the website viocristale.ro. The website viocristale.ro is the property of SC General Software Group Srl, based in str.dunarii, nr. 222, postal140085, Alexandria, Teleorman County, registered in the trade register number J34/137/2010.

Use of the site (access, browsing and registering a user account on this website) constitutes an implicit agreement to the terms and conditions contained in the present document, with all effects and consequences arising from it.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions imposed, users must immediately discontinue accessing the site.


Modification of terms and conditions

Site administrator, viocristale.ro, reserves the right to modify at any time the content of this agreement without prior notification to persons who use, hereinafter referred to as "Users". Users will have permanent access to the terms and conditions for use of the services, so you can consult at any time.


Access to the site

SC General Software Group SRL. will grant permission to use the site viocristale.ro under the condition of compliance with the following terms of use:

-It is forbidden to integral or partial copying distributing any part or sections of the website regardless of the storage medium on which it is done copying, and copying for the purpose of distribution;

-It is forbidden to any intervention which could cause disfunctionalitatea website, even without prior authorisation of temporary obtained in writing from SC General Software Group SRL;

-It is forbidden to any alteration or modification of any part of the website, unless those modifications, alterations, or made as a necessity of proper use of the website for the purpose in which it was created;

-It is forbidden any action that negatively affects the activities fair, reasonable and of other users or harasses or intimidates everyone, verbally or visually assaulting other users of the site, including accessing and using personal accounts of other users;

-It is prohibited any uses which consist of the transmission of advertising or commercial messages to users of the website;

-It is forbidden any action, even by omission, which could facilitate or encourage actions that violate the terms and conditions of use contained in this document or the contents of the applicable legal dispositions for legal activities;

In order to access and use certain sections of the website may be necessary to create a personal account. Hereby, you represent that you assume full responsibility for all and any activities conducted through the account that you open on the website and therefore we advise you to ensure the security of your password or other account access information. If the security of your account that you own is compromised, you must immediately notify the site administrator. Viocristale.ro online shop is not responsible for any damages that are caused or caused to third parties of any kind through the unauthorized use of your account.

I hereby declare on their own responsibility as you agree not to use any automated system to submit requests to the site viocristale.ro, which can cause the malfunction of or slowed down its operation.


Services offered

-viocristale.ro offers its users a wide range of online products and information about products and services in the offers.

viocristale.ro-sells products and services presented on the site and has the status of intermediary, trustee or agent in trade relations initiated based on information present on the site. Transactions of sale and purchase of the products presented on the site are solely between the user and the website viocristale.ro.


Viocristale.ro responsibilities of products presented


-does not guarantee in any way for the content provided by its partners or by other registered members.

-assumes absolutely no responsibility for any of the changes arising from the price of the products displayed on the site and for any damages or lost profits.

-not responsible for the content, quality or nature of websites or commodities which can be reached through links from this site. The responsibility for these sites entirely gateway owners the sites in question.

-is not liable for any damages to users or others that occurred in the case of accessing the links provided.

-does not guarantee and is not liable in any way if your purchased products do not correspond to specific purposes for which it was purchased.

-is not in any way responsible if discrepancies or shortcomings in terms of products, their quality, or any other matter relating to those products. Any complaint that you may have will be brought to the store, it will be solved.


Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are expressly copyright and related Law listed 8/1996, with subsequent modifications, the specific rights of the listed mark of Law 84/1998 and subsequent modifications and additions, as well as any other applicable legal provisions in other regulations or laws relating to trade names, image rights, but is not limited to them.

The content of this website is offered to you on an individual basis, though some of its features may allow interaction with other users, only for informational purpose and for personal use. The content may not be used, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, for purposes other than those expressly and legally allowed. Extracting any information followed by any use for commercial purposes that surpasses private copy sphere regulated by law or for the sale or licensing and without the prior written consent of holders of proprietary rights, shall constitute a breach of these terms and conditions.

You also agree not to interfere with or in any way with the security features of the site, with elements that prevent or restrict use or copying of content elements that strengthen the limits of use of the site or its content.


The content uploaded on the site

Viocristale.ro content is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute advertising made a product, merchant, seller or service.

Reviews, comments and appreciations appeared on viocristale.ro belong to registered users who have chosen to post their own reviews. Therefore, these reviews, comments and ratings are the result of subjective opinions and does not guarantee absolutely no level of performance and quality of a product, merchant, seller, service or a third party.

Viocristale.ro content may be used solely for information purposes, and any use for commercial purposes will be made only with the written permission of viocristale.ro and of representatives of guardians General SC Software Group LLC.

As a user of this website you assume legal responsibility regarding the content of the materials you post. Through the support and posting you warrant that:

-you are the holder/owner of the material you post, or you are entitled to a licensing or have obtained your consent or permission to use the material in any way and so you can have it by including, reproduction, distribution of the website and any media channels; authorized viocristale.ro at the same time giving it the consent for the use of all and any posted materials and their contents, whether they relate to trademarks, copyrights, or other proprietary rights, however incorporated in or in connection with the posted materials, for the purpose of publishing and use of these materials on the site, the Site's policy and in accordance with these terms and conditions;

-do you have the consent, authorization from each individual identifiable visually, auditory, in the content or materials posted on the website to use its image on the website, in public contexts by default, and any media channels, conditions and limits laid down in this document that establishes the terms and conditions of use of the website. At the same time by posting material on the website content, you grant to viocristale.ro a nonexclusive license, free of charge, nerevocabila during the term of legal protection of the rights recognized and protected by law for subsequent uses of the content of any material submitted for purposes pertaining to operability of the website in relation to all other users, thus being allowed acts of reproduction, distribution, making available to the public of the materialas well as the development of materials derived from it, but also for promoting or reuse in any media format and through any media channels of parties or of the entire content of the website that contains the material uploaded by you.

In terms of materials, pictures, announcements, comments, links posted by posting you agree to the following:

-do not post materials, pictures, announcements, comments, links protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights, including the rights to privacy and private life, image rights and the use of a person's public image and publicity, unless you are the owner of such material or have the consent of the owner or holders of rights to post the material and to grant a license to viocristale.ro and/or third party users of the website under the terms expressly shown above;

-do not post materials, pictures, announcements, comments, links through their content are defamatory and which directly or indirectly could damage the site viocristale.ro or any natural or legal third person;

do not post material, pictures, announcements, comments, links or pornographic, obscene or violent or that urges the human rights violations recognized by Romanian laws and/or international treaties and convenventii in the field;

-do not post materials, pictures, announcements, comments, links, whose content could harm human dignity and integrity, which are defamatory, threatening, harassing, violent content, to foment hatred or discrimination against a group according to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation;

-do not post materials, pictures, announcements, comments, links, whose content in any way promotes illegal activities;

-do not post advertising or solicitations of business collaborations regardless of whether the content would promote their services or products offered by a company or by a natural person and is authorized;

-to avoid in any circumstance to use another person's real identity, identity theft punishing existing under the laws in force.

If we observe activities that violate the terms and conditions contained in this document, or we will be reported to the materials, pictures, announcements, comments, links, whose content breaches in whole or in part the above provisions or any other legal provisions in force, access to them will be frozen and preserved for content can be made available to authorities in the case will be appealed.

If you are a copyright holder and appreciated that any user of the website has violated your rights, you may notify the administrators of the site viocristale.ro under the conditions stipulated by the law on electronic commerce with the subsequent modifications. Notices may be sent by e-mail to the address suport@viocristale.ro, in written form at the registered office of SC General Software Group SRL str., no. 222, Alexandria, postal code 140085, Teleorman County.

Any notice shall be dated and signed, and if the rights belong to a third party, other than notification, a signer himself power of attorney will be attached to the notification, within 20 working days from sending notification in order for it to become effective, the learning of the notification by the owner himself claimed to be infringed.


Any notice will contain in the following elements:

Physical or electronic signature of the owner or of the person empowered to represent the holder an exclusive right of intellectual property right claimed to be infringed;

The carrier material copyrighted image is claimed to be infringed or, as appropriate, a list of materials;

Contact details of notification: signer's name, last name, mailing address, phone, fax, e-mail.

You agree that the duration of use of the website please contact with materials, announcements, links, comments posted, and that viocristale.ro cannot be held responsible for any item pertaining to all aspects of materials and their contents that have been posted to any of the users of the website. At the same time by accessing the website you can expose some material that you may consider offensive, indecent, repulsive, and by default you are accessing agree not to exercise and give up exercise any legal rights whether or not a claim for damages that in appropriate circumstances the claim at viocristale.ro.

Acceptance of the above, by accessing the website, involve your agreement through which warrant protecting against any claims brought against viocristale.ro, or owners/operators, affiliates and/or its sublicensees through personal accountability for any violations of rights perpetrated by accessing and using the website by you personally or by a third party who uses your data logging with your science or as a consequence of neglect in ensuring data security.


Limitations of liability

SC General Software Group SRL., in its capacity as owner and administrator of the website, will take all legal measures and will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the legality of the operation of the website viocristale.ro and for this purpose will try to correct any errors or omissions as soon as possible. However, SC General Software Group SRL does not assume any responsibility for inaccuracies, errors or omissions or any unauthorised or illegal use of content that violates the rights of any of the third parties, natural or legal persons.

Any user acknowledges and agrees that the SC General Software Group SRL or its legal representatives, officers, agents, or affiliates will not be held accountable for any damage, whether they occurred or are about to occur directly or indirectly, they are minor, major or minor, incidental special times, including but not limited to, loss of profit, redirecting customers, obtaining direct or indirect advantages to any user of associating names and images for commercial or personal or public or other losses of any kind and nature, arising from any use of the website or any aspect related to the use of any service provided by website users or business partners for any purpose.

Any user agrees to protect and to ensure the SC General Software Group SRL and/or operators, directors, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates and its representatives by assuming their own responsibilities for any activities or actions committed by it or by a third party through the use of its registration data with the user's or science in deceit due to user's negligence in providing security for its own data and thatin any circumstance could engage in any kind of liability against any demands, claims, actions, demands, charges, losses, damages, costs (including, but not limited to Attorney's fees), judgments and expenses (including, but not limited to Attorney's fees), decisions, fines, or any other liabilities arising out of or related to any user actions relating to or arising out of the accessing or use of the service.

SC General Software Group SRL via the website viocristale.ro as administrator and owner of its reserves the right to carry out, conduct advertising campaigns at any time and/or promotions in any section of the site by himself or by a third party in its own name or on behalf of a third party. Campaigns and promotions conducted on our website does not require the visitors to or users of the site. Space and size of spot advertising and promotions as well as the development and introduction on the website do not require the visitor and any alterations, changes, modifications of the space and the advertising content may be made without notice or advance their agreement from the visitors or users.

SC General Software Group SRL does not grant any guarantee and does not take any responsibility for any product or service made available by or offered by a third party, be it physical or juridical person, through viocristale.ro or through any contact with a site created by any means, as it does not take any responsibility for any content featured in any banner or other advertising material.


Use of the site by minors

If you are a minor and visit the site, you can use only under the supervision of your parent or legal guardian. Parent or legal guardian has the right to review the child's personal information, or to request its deletion and may refuse or prohibit the processing and use of future information belonging to the minor.

SC General Software Group SRL recommend all parents and/or guardians to inform and train children in a proper way and correctly, about the use of responsible and safe personal data when using the Internet and the site.



By accessing and using the website viocristale.ro you are implicitly agreeing to the terms and conditions contained in this document and agree to:

to defend himself,) you warrant that you will not use the website and any services offered on the website for other purposes than those allowed by the administrator/owner;

b) to give the formulation and performance of any actions for claims, expressed or implied, towards viocristale.ro, directors, officers, directors, employees and agents;

c) to defend Admins, officers, directors, employees and agents and to sustain them as not being liable in respect of any claims, complaints, claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, claims or costs (including, but not limited to Attorney's fees) arising out of the accessing, visiting, use of the website;

d) breach on your part, as a user, or any third parties any terms and conditions contained in this document;

e) violating by any user, visitor, customer to any rights of a third party which may be user, visitor, customer as a legal and physical person;

f) any claim resulting from any damage caused to third parties as a result of posting, or use a material visionaries loaded by you on viocristale.ro.


Trademark information

The name viocristale.ro and viocristale logo are registered trademarks of SC General Software Group SRL. SC General Software Group SRL brands may not be displayed or used in any form without the express consent of the owner of the right.


Service availability

SC General Software Group SRL reserves the right to modify the structure and interface of any pages or subpages of viocristale.ro website at any time and at any time freely elected having the right to interrupt temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part the services made available to the public through this website without any prior notice or General Conference.


Applicable law

By using the website viocristale.ro, the user agrees that the Roman laws will govern these terms and conditions of use and any dispute of any sort that might arise between users and Overall SC General Software Group SRL or associations/partners/affiliates. In case of possible conflicts will try first to resolve them amicably, if no amicable settlement will be possible, the conflict will be resolved in court, in accordance with the Romanian laws in force.